DBID - Default Database ID for Natural System Files

This Natural profile parameter identifies the default database in which the Natural system files (FNAT, FUSER, FDIC, FSEC, FSPOOL, FPROF, FREG) are located.

Possible settings

0 - 254
256 - 65535

The default database ID for Natural system files.

Database ID 255 is reserved for internal use.

Default setting 0  
Dynamic specification yes

If you specify the DBID parameter dynamically, the database ID for all system files is set to this setting. Therefore, you must specify the DBID parameter before any individual system file specific profile parameter (FNAT, FUSER, FDIC, FSEC, FSPOOL, FPROF, FREG) if you want to specify any of these parameters, too.

Specification within session no  


  1. The database ID specified with the DBID parameter applies to all Natural system files for which no individual database IDs are specified.
  2. Database IDs for individual system files can be specified with the subparameter database-ID of the profile parameters FNAT, FUSER, FDIC, FSEC, FSPOOL, FPROF and FREG.
  3. The type of database system is determined by the specification in the NTDB macro.