NAF - Abstracts - Function 12

When you invoke this function, the Abstracts screen appears.

Time 09:41:57        *** Natural Spool Administration ***      Date 2002-12-02 
User SAG                          Abstracts                                    
 Spool File Database 7       File No.  411   File Description Version 4.1      
 Options    Logging No  Rep.Logg. No  User Stat. No  Clust. Yes Time NAT       
            Default for Logical Printer setting       --                       
            Default Queue Sequence for Function 10  Best                       
 Server     Rpr.LOST Yes     Rpr.RECO  Yes   Delete by Retention Per. Yes      
 Options    Check Rep. of Status WAIT  Yes                                     
            Console Messages           Yes   Protocol Messages        Yes      
 Initialization of Hardcopy Allocation uses User Profile HHIBS2                
 Current Hardcopy Assignment           Logical Printer  PCHHI01                
 Destination/Form DRHHI    / H         Physical Printer DRHHI                  
 New Hardcopy Device for PCHHI01       DRHHI___                                
Modify values, or press a PF-key.                                              
Command ===>                                                                   
      Help  Menu  Exit

This screen shows the settings that have been defined by using Function 30. For example, you can see the FSPOOL settings, such as database ID and file number.

A new hardcopy device for this session can be specified.