Unicode and Code Page Support

This documentation describes how Natural supports Unicode and code pages on mainframe platforms. It also describes how Natural supports bidirectional languages.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Introduction General information on code pages and the Unicode Standard, and on how Unicode and code pages are supported in Natural.
Enabling Unicode and Code Page Support Information on International Components for Unicode for Software AG (ICS), ICU data libraries, support of code pages, and on transaction tables.
ICS Transition Version 222 Information on the ICS version based on the last service pack of the previously released ICS 221.
ICS 311 Information on ICS 311 based on ICU 66.1 and Unicode 13.0.
Configuration and Administration of the Unicode/Code Page Environment Information on profile parameters which provide Unicode and code page support, and on the encoding of code page data.
Development Environment How to customize your environment and how Unicode is handled by the Natural editors. Information on code page support for Natural editors, system commands and Natural source objects.
Unicode and Code Page Support in the Natural Programming Language Information on the U format and on statements, logical condition criteria, system variables, large and dynamic variables, and session parameters which provide Unicode and code page support.
Unicode Input/Output Handling in Natural Applications How to display and enter Unicode data. Information on the Natural Web I/O Interface client which is used in SPoD and runtime environments.
Bidirectional Language Support How Natural supports bidirectional languages.
Unicode Data Storage Information on database access, and on the work file types and print files which provide Unicode and code page support.
Migrating Existing Applications About the impact of Unicode on existing applications. How to migrate existing objects, add Unicode support to existing applications, and how to migrate Natural remote procedure calls (RPC).
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to frequently asked questions.