ICS Transition Version 222

This document covers the following topics:

ICS 222 - Available Functionality

The ICS Transition Version 222 is now available to customers in addition to ICS 311. The ICS transition version 222 is based on the last service pack of the previously released ICS 221 with ICU 58.2 and Unicode 9.0. It includes all cumulated fixes of ICS 221 and allows for using ICS without any configuration changes. ICS 222 still allows customers to:

  1. Use data libraries provided by Software AG (see ICU Data Libraries).

  2. Create their own data files (see Customizing the ICU Data Library).

ICU Data Customization as of ICU 64

As introduced by the ICU project, the ICU Data Build Tool, available as of ICU 64, allows for customization of the ICU locale data file and replaces the makefiles. This change no longer guarantees the integrity and completeness of ICU data libraries provided by Software AG with ICS 311. It compels the change of direction for the new ICS 311 and the release of the ICS transition version 222 to ease Natural installations and makes the continuous use of ICS seamless.