SUBSID - Subsystem ID under z/OS and z/VSE

This Natural profile parameter is available under z/OS and z/VSE only. It identifies the Natural subsystem to be used.

Possible settings 1 - 4 characters Natural subsystem.

If you specify less than 4 characters, blanks will be appended so as to get a 4-byte setting.

Default setting NAT8  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. For the purposes of the Natural CICS Interface (see ROLLSRV, SIPSERV, SUBSID), the Natural profile parameter SUBSID is ignored if it is specified in a parameter string by a profile parameter SYS or PROFILE or in an alternate Natural parameter module (as specified with the profile parameter PARM).
  2. For information on the Natural subsystem, see Natural Subsystem under z/OS or Natural Subsystem under z/VSE in the Operations documentation.