SYS - Define and Activate a Set of Dynamic Profile Parameters

This Natural profile parameter enables you to activate a set of dynamic profile parameters which is predefined in the Natural parameter module. This avoids the repeated specification of long sequences of profile parameters for the Natural session start.

Possible settings See SYS Parameter Syntax.
Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes This parameter can only be specified dynamically.
Specification within session no  


  1. The specified parameter set must be defined in the Natural parameter module currently active, e.g. in an alternative parameter module, if it is specified by the PARM parameter before the SYS parameter.
  2. A parameter set is evaluated right in its position of SYS in the parameter string, as you would have included the defined parameter string at this position instead.
  3. As an alternative, you can use the profile parameter PROFILE which provides a similar functionality.
  4. In the Natural parameter module, you use NTSYS macros to predefine sets of dynamic profile parameters. You identify such a set of parameters by giving it a unique set name.

The following topics are covered below:

SYS Parameter Syntax

The parameter syntax of SYS is as follows:



Syntax Element Explanation
set-name Is the parameter set name defined by the NTSYS macro in the Natural parameter module. Identifies the subsequent set of parameters. The set name can be 1 to 8 characters long and must begin with an alphabetical character.

NTSYS Macro Syntax

The NTSYS macro is specified as follows:

         NTSYS set-name,'parameter-string'

If the length of the parameter string exceeds 255 characters, continue on the next line(s) or define a second or more parameter strings.

         NTSYS set-name,'parameter-string',                            *
               'parameter-string',                                     *

To specify more than one set of parameters, you must use an NTSYS macro for each set.

         NTSYS set-name1,'parameter-string'
         NTSYS set-name2,'parameter-string'


Syntax Element Explanation
set-name identifies the subsequent set of parameters. It can be 1 to 8 characters long and must begin with an alphabetical character.
parameter-string consists of individual profile parameters and their values.


  1. The entire set of parameters you specify with an NTSYS macro must constitute a valid string of dynamic parameters. The specified parameter string is not checked for validity during the assembly of the Natural parameter module.
  2. All parameter strings of one NTSYS macro are concatenated to one set of parameters.
  3. An apostrophe within a substring is represented by two apostrophes.

Example of NTSYS Macro

         NTSYS SET1,'FUSER=(,50),LC=ON,NC=ON,ULANG=2,                  *
         NTSYS SET2,'FUSER=(,51),ULANG=4,WH=ON,KC=ON,                  *
               STACK=(LOGON ULIB2)'