Programmer's Guide

Natural ISPF is the application development tool of Software AG and provides a full range of application programming and system programming facilities in any mainframe environment that includes Natural.

This documentation describes the special programming facilities provided by Natural ISPF to help you realize advanced application development. For a description of the Natural ISPF user interface and object-types, consult the Natural ISPF User's Guide.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Macro Facility Describes the Natural ISPF macro feature that allows you to use the Natural language to generate text of any kind.
Incore Database Explains the Natural ISPF Incore Database facility which enables the Natural programmer to maintain complex data structures in the user memory and to perform complex actions on these structures.
Open NSPF Provides information about the Open NSPF facility which enables you to modify and enhance Natural ISPF according to site-specific needs.
Application Programming Interface Describes the programs which can be used in Natural applications (or in Open NSPF routines) to access Natural ISPF internal information.
Authorization Classes Lists the available authorization classes and the Natural ISPF objects they refer to.