This documentation is intended for the Natural ISPF system administrator and describes Natural ISPF installation procedures. Separate sections explain how to set up the Natural ISPF environment according to the requirements of your site.

This documentation covers the following topics:

General Installation Information About the installation jobs. Prerequisites for Natural ISPF. Contents of the installation medium. How to migrate from a previous version.
Installation Procedure How to install Natural ISPF in the various environments supported by the current version of Natural ISPF.

Further customization facilities are described in the Natural ISPF Programmer's Guide.

Naming Conventions

In the description of installation procedures, all file names that contain the notation ISPvrs refer to the current version of Natural ISPF, where vrs stands for version number, release level and SM level. For the current value of vrs, see the label of the installation medium.

The section Natural ISPF Libraries of the Natural ISPF Administration Guide contains a table that lists all Natural ISPF libraries as they appear after loading the installation medium, together with a descriptive name as to the library content. For example, a library named SYSISPX could be the Exit Library.