System Programming

This documentation is a guide for system programmers who are maintaining Com-plete.

This documentation discusses maintenance for all operating systems supported by Com-plete. Throughout this documentation, distinctions will be made on the basis of operating systems. References to z/OS include OS/390, and z/VSE will refer to all supported z/VSE versions. The difference between operating systems relates to:

  • Differences in terminology;

  • Differences in job control;

  • Differences in implementation;

  • Facilities not available in all environments.

If you are planning an upgrade to a new release of their operating system, please contact the Customer Support Center for operating system release-specific considerations.

The System Programming documentation provides the following information:

Startup and Initialization A description of the Com-plete startup procedure.
Definitions of the initialization parameters (SYSPARMS) used to tailor Com-plete to an installation's requirements.
A description of available system modifications (APPLYMODS).
How to define terminals and printers.
A description of the use of multiple copies of Com-plete at an installation.
Internals A description of:
- Com-plete Files and Associated User Files
- the system data infrastructure
- the Com-plete task structure
- resource usage and estimates
- the accounting facility
- modifying Com-plete modules
- capture processing
- Com-plete servers
Software Interfaces A discussion of the considerations when using Com-plete in various software environments.
Security and User Exits A description of the security and user exit facilities provided for setting restrictions and controlling the use of the facilities, programs, and functions of Com-plete.
Batch Utilities Summaries of the batch utility programs available with Com-plete.
Miscellaneous Tables and Control Blocks Illustrates various tables and control blocks for your reference.


Differences in terminology are addressed by defining Com-plete terms and then consistently referring to the Com-plete terms. For a few frequently used terms, an '/' will be used to distinguish between operating-specific nomenclature.

Bearing this in mind, the following terms are used in this document:


for the z/OS DD and the z/VSE DLBL statements


for the z/OS SYSIN or the z/VSE SYSIPT file


for the z/OS SYSPRINT or z/VSE SYSLST file


Refers to the channel and unit of a device. CUU is referred to as a device number in z/OS.

Job Control

Refers to the Job Control Language (JCL) in z/OS and Job Control Statements (JCS) in z/VSE.

Load Library

Refers to an z/OS partitioned data set containing load modules created by the linkage editor for loading and execution. Load library refers to a z/VSE library.


Refers to the z/OS load library from which programs can be loaded for execution. This documentation will refer to STEPLIB, JOBLIB, and system link library as STEPLIB, unless otherwise specifically noted. STEPLIB refers to the z/VSE libraries defined in the permanent or temporary LIBDEF search chain.