Batch Utility Programs

Com-plete's batch utilities enable the system programmer to monitor, operate, and maintain the Com-plete system. This part of the Com-plete System Programming documentation describes the use of the batch utilities, and provides the following information:

  • A description of how to use the utility and the job control required for execution

  • The control card input, if applicable

  • The PARM/SYSPARM input, if applicable

  • A DD/DLBL name table describing the DD/DLBL statements used

  • A conventions table summarizing the required coding conventions for the utility

The following table summarizes Com-plete's batch utilities.

TUBATEST Provides the means to test the Com-plete Batch interface functions.
TUDUMP Provides the means to obtain hard copy printouts of dump entries in the online dump file of the COMSD data set.
TUFILE Enables the switching of a user file from ONLN to BTCH or vice versa (z/OS only).
TULIB Enables the ULIB CATALOG and DELETE commands to be performed in a batch environment.
TUMSUTIL Enables the printing, backup, restoration and information display of selected printout spool files.
TUSACAPT Capture file initialization routine.
TUSDUTIL Enables initialization of the SD data set, backup and restoration of SD files.