Com-plete HTTP Server

This documentation describes the HTTP server component of Com-plete. It includes the following documents:

General Information

Introduction to the HTTP Server Introduces you to the HTTP Server, including the CGI programming concept.

Installation and Configuration

General Installation Information Describes the required environments for installing the HTTP server, the prerequisite software, the distribution media, and the general installation process.
Installation on z/OS Describes the installation procedure on z/OS systems.
Installation on z/VSE Describes the installation procedure on z/VSE systems.
Customizing and Using the HTTP Server Describes how to initialize, customize and use the HTTP Server.
Installing Natural CGI Describes the environment and installation procedures to enable Natural CGI processing,
The Com-plete 3270 Bridge Describes how 3270 terminal oriented applications can be called via the HTTP server.

Reference and Maintenance

Security Discusses how to setup security for the HTTP server.
Programming CGI Requests Describes the CGI interface modules and how to call them.
Running CGI Programs under Com-plete Provides information about running application programs under Com-plete.
Support and Maintenance Describes the procedure for reporting problems and applying bugfixes.
The HTTP Server User Exit Describes the user exit interface.
Messages and Codes Explains messages and codes issued by the HTTP server, including remedial information.
Sample Members Lists the supplied sample jobs and tells you what they are used for.