Entire Net-Work Messages and Codes

During Entire Net-Work execution, a variety of messages may be issued, usually to the operator console or the print data set. This documentation describes the messages for the Entire Net-Work control programs and line driver modules. The messages are listed alphabetically and the different groups are identified by a section heading.

Messages and Codes issued from Entire Net-Work are described under the following headings:

Message formats Describes how you can identify an Entire Net-Work message and its origin.
Adabas and Entire Net-Work Response Codes Describes Adabas response codes, including the group of Adabas response codes reserved for Entire Net-Work (response codes in the range 220-227).

Some Adabas response codes refer to problems with interregion communication in one way or another. In Entire Net-Work environments, the cause for these response codes is not always as apparent as in single Adabas environments. This is due to the fact that all calls are passed through interregion communications in two places: first they are passed from the user`s task to Entire Net-Work, then, on the server's node, they are passed from Entire Net-Work to the server. In both instances the same types of errors may occur. Therefore it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to guess on which node the problem was encountered.

To aid in diagnosing such situations, Entire Net-Work provides the node ID (targetid) of the Entire Net-Work node where the problem was encountered for all problems related to the response codes listed in the following pages. The information is returned in the Additions-2 field of the Adabas control block (ACBADD2 in ADACB). Note that this field is not modified by Entire Net-Work under any other circumstances. In some cases, where the problem prevents the call from reaching Entire Net-Work on the user's node, the information obviously cannot be provided by Entire Net-Work.

DCAM Feedback Codes DCAM feedback codes (the first non-zero bytes).
SNA Sense Codes Describes the popular SNA sense codes used in conjunction with a DCAM/VTAM link and TRANSIT/CD.
ADACM* - ADATCP Messages Describes the ADATCP messages.
APSPSXnnnn, ADAECS or ADATCP Messages Describes the APSPSX*, ADAECS, and ADATCP messages related to conversion.
Software AG Mainframe Licensing Error Messages (MLC* messages) Describes error messages issued by Software AG's mainframe licensing software and the license utility (LICUTIL)
NETnnnn - Entire Net-Work Control Module Messages Describes the Entire Net-Work control module messages.
NETB* - Entire Net-Work Expandable Buffer Pool Messages Describes the Entire Net-Work expandable buffer pool messages.
NETC* - CTC Option Messages Describes the CTCA line driver and FCTC line driver messages.
NETD* - DCAM Option Messages Describes the DCAM line driver messages.
NETE* - zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC) Support Messages Describes the zEDC messages produced by Entire Net-Work.
NETInn - ADAIOR Messages Describes the ADAIOR messages.
NETInnnx - IUCV Line Driver Messages Describes the IUCV line driver messages.
NETM* - ADAMPM Messages Describes the ADAMPM messages.
NETL* - Licensing Messages Describes the DCAM Feedback Codes licensing messages.
NETP* - TCP/IP and Simple Connection Line Driver Messages Describes the TCP/IP line driver and Simple Connection Line Driver messages
NETQ*- CSCI Messages Describes the CSCI messages.
NETS* - NETSIP/NETSIR Initialization Program Messages Describes the NETSIP/NETSIR initialization program messages.
NETT* - Translation Routine Messages Describes the translation routine messages.
NETU* - Batch Utility Program Messages Describes the batch utility program messages.
NETV* - VTAM Line Driver Messages Describes the VTAM line driver messages.
NETX* - XCF Option Messages Describes the XCF line driver messages.
XTS - Software AG Internal Transport Subsystem Messages Explains the possible internal transport subsystem messages you might receive during its processing.
Abend Codes Lists abend (abnormal end) codes that may be returned.