Managing Kernels

This document describes the administration tasks you can perform for Entire Net-Work Kernels using the System Management Hub.

This information is organized under the following headings:

Listing, Selecting, and Reviewing Kernel Definitions
Reviewing the Kernel Parameter Summary
Starting a Kernel
Shutting Down a Kernel
Adding Kernel Definitions
Deleting a Kernel
Setting Basic Kernel Parameters
Setting Advanced Kernel Parameters
Specifying Kernel Scalability
Maintaining Kernel Filters
Changing the Adabas Directory Server
Maintaining Access Definitions
Reviewing Kernel Access Status
Maintaining Connection Definitions
Reviewing Kernel Outgoing Connection Status
Reviewing Kernel Statistics
Setting Detailed Statistics Online
Generate a Kernel Configuration Dump
Checking Kernel Databases
Pinging Databases and Classic Nodes
Dynamically Connecting and Disconnecting a Connection
Dynamically Managing Kernel Clients and Adabas Contexts
Dynamically Managing Kernel Client Hosts
Reviewing Kernel Status
Managing Kernel Log Files
Tracing Kernel Processing