Reviewing Kernel Access Status

Start of instruction setTo review the status of a Kernel's access definitions:

Make sure you have accessed the System Management Hub.

  1. Select the name of the managed host on which Entire Net-Work Server is installed.

  2. Expand the tree-view frame for the managed host by clicking on the plus sign (+) to the left of its name.

  3. Select "Entire Net-Work Server" in the tree-view under the managed host.

    The Entire Net-Work Server administration area of the System Management Hub becomes available to you.

  4. Expand Kernels in tree-view, by clicking on the plus sign (+) to the left of its label.

    The list of started Kernels appears.

  5. In tree-view, right-click on the name of the Kernel for which you want to review access definition status, and select Access Status.

    The status of the Kernel's access definitions appears in detail-view. For example:


    The following information about each type of access definition is listed.

    Field Description

    The type of access definition.


    The protocol used for access attempts defined by the access definition.


    The port number used for the access definition.


    The status of the access definition.