Checking Kernel Databases

You can check the databases managed by a Kernel. Checking the databases causesEntire Net-Work to search for any Adabas databases that were started recently and to refresh its internal table and corresponding SMH information. This is useful, for example, when you want to obtain the latest status of the databases that a specific Kernel manages.

Start of instruction setTo check the databases managed by a Kernel:

Make sure you have accessed the System Management Hub and that the Kernel is started. For complete information about starting Kernels, read Starting a Kernel.

  1. Select the name of the managed host on which Entire Net-Work Server is installed.

  2. Expand the tree-view frame for the managed host by clicking on the plus sign (+) to the left of its name.

  3. Select "Entire Net-Work Server" in the tree-view under the managed host.

    The Entire Net-Work Server administration area of the System Management Hub becomes available to you.

  4. Expand Kernels in tree-view, by clicking on the plus sign (+) to the left of its label.

    The list of started Kernels appears.

    If the Kernel you need is not listed, it is not started. You must start the Kernel before you can proceed with these instructions. Read Starting a Kernel for more information.

  5. Right-click on Databases in tree-view and select Check Databases from the resulting drop-down menu.

    A Check Databases panel appears in detail-view.


  6. Click OK to check the Kernel databases.

    The databases are checked and the list and status of the databases is refreshed.