CONNX Installation Checklist

The table below contains the CONNX Installation Checklist. You can print a copy of this for your records. As each step is completed, place a check mark in the appropriate column, and then continue to the next step.


CONNX Installation Checklist

Check here when item is complete



Completed Step 1 - Installation Checklist and System Requirements


Completed Step 2 - Install CONNX Administrator and CONNX client


Completed Step 3 - Install CONNX JDBC server and client


Completed Step 4 - Install CONNX OpenVMS server [Rdb, DBMS, and RMS only]


Completed Step 5 - Install IBM Mainframe-compatible Server


Completed Step 6 - Install Adabas Server (for IBM mainframe and UNIX only)


Completed Step 7 - Install C-ISAM, DISAM, or Micro Focus Server (for UNIX only)


Completed Step 8 - DB2 Host Configuration


Completed Step 9 - Post-Installation Checklist


Completed Step 10 - License Registration