Connecting to the CONNX JDBC Server

There are several steps that must be followed in order to connect to the CONNX JDBC server. 

  1. Make sure the database is registered using the DSNRegistry tool, which is described in CONNX JDBC Driver in the CONNX User Reference Guide, available online, on the CONNX CD-ROM, or within the CONNX product.

  2. Set Classpath, which is described in "CONNX JDBC Driver" in the online CONNX User Reference Guide.

  3. Load the JDBC Driver, which is described below.

  4. Set the CONNX JDBC URL, which is described in "CONNX JDBC Driver" in the CONNX User Reference Guide.

  5. Open a connection to a database via JDBC.


To load the JDBC Driver

  • To load and register the CONNX JDBC driver, invoke the method Class.forName in JDBC, supplying the classname as follows:



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