General Information Regarding License Activation

The license activation procedure is required for the following:

  • When you first install the CONNX product.

  • When you are adding additional users to an existing CONNX installation, for example, upgrading from 25 to 50 users.

  • When you are upgrading your existing CONNX installation by adding new features, for example, an RMS database.

If you are re-installing or upgrading CONNX from a version that already has activated licenses and your license has not changed with this CONNX installation, license activation is not required.


If you are upgrading CONNX from one major version to another and the new version does not yet have activated licenses, you will need to activate new licenses for the new version.  This applies to major version upgrades only.  i.e. when upgrading from version 11.5 to version 12.


The license activation procedure requires the license files shipped to you when you purchased CONNX, or update license codes that have been emailed to you.  You can request to have the license update code sent to you by fax, e-mail, letter, or you can request it by telephone.