Using Online Services

The Adabas Vista Online Services application is accessible from Adabas Online System (AOS), either the demo AOS version supplied with Adabas, or the full AOS version.

Online Services Main Menu

Start of instruction setTo invoke Adabas Vista Online Services

  • Either select Adabas Vista from the AOS main menu

    log on to SYSAVI and enter the command MENU.

The Main Menu screen appears:

09:19:23      ***** A D A B A S   VISTA SERVICES 8.2.2 *****        2011-02-28
                              -  Main Menu  -                        V1MAINM1  
                    Code    Service                                            
                    ----    -------------------------                          
                     0      System Settings                                    
                     1      Maintenance                                        
                     2      Current Activity Displays                          
                     3      Special Services                                   
                     4      Avilook                                            
                     5      About Adabas Vista                                 
                     .      Exit                                               
                    ----    -------------------------                          
             Code..: _                                                         
 You can easily switch around the tools for Fastpath, Vista etc by use of      
 PF11, or use the codes COR, AFP, AVI, AAF, ATM as commands - anytime.         
 Command ==>                                                                   
      Help        Exit                                            Prods Vers   

The following options are available:

Option Description
System Settings Maintain Adabas Vista configuration file and security settings.
Maintenance Maintain Adabas Vista rules and client runtime controls.
Current Activity Displays Display the activity of the current session.
Special Services Provide installation and applied fix information for the Adabas Vista components.
AVILOOK File analysis tool.
About Adabas Vista Display product information.

From the Adabas Vista main menu, you may switch to the online systems of Adabas System Coordinator, Adabas Fastpath, Adabas SAF Security or Adabas Transaction Manager by pressing PF11. This will result in a window appearing within which you can make your product selection. You may also switch from any screen with a command line by entering the appropriate three-character code (for example, AVI for Adabas Vista) as a command. You may only switch to the same version of another online system.


You can access screens in two ways:

  • sequentially by selecting a menu service and entering it in the Code field; or

  • directly by typing a numerical command on the command line.

For example, entering the command 1.1 on the command line directly accesses the Maintain Generations screen within the Rule maintenance function without first accessing the Maintenance menu.

Function Object Command
System Settings   Menu 0
LFILE 152 Maintenance 0.1
SAF Security Settings 0.2
Maintenance     Menu 1
Partitioned Files 1.1
Translation Rules 1.2
Client Runtime Controls 1.3
Current Activity Displays Menu 2
Special Services   Menu 3
Local SYSAVI Services 3.1
About Adabas Vista Information 5

Using PF Keys

SYSAVI uses PF keys for various actions. Key functions are standard throughout the system, wherever possible. The PF keys that apply to each screen are indicated at the bottom of the screen.

The following keys apply throughout the system:

PF Key Function Description
PF1 Help invoke the help specific to the current screen
PF3 Exit quit and return to the previous screen

The following keys apply generally, depending on the type of action or function in use:

PF Key Function Description
PF4 Refr from active screens, refresh the data
PF5 Upd. from general maintenance screens, commit the update
PF7 Back from list screens, return to the previous page
PF8 Next from list screens, move to the next page
PF10 Add from general maintenance screens, add an object
PF12 Menu return immediately to the main menu

Help Information

Start of instruction setTo invoke Adabas Vista help information

  • Press PF1.

The help screen that appears applies to the current screen and may comprise several pages. From each help screen, you can access lower level options or return to previous, higher levels.

An example of a help screen follows:

10:54:00      ***** A D A B A S   VISTA SERVICES 8.2.2 *****        2006-05-29
              -  Help for Maintain Generations  -        Page 1 of 1 V11100H1  
 This screen lists all defined generations.                                    
 You may define multiple generations of Adabas Vista rules which allows  
 you to implement different configurations in a controlled manner.             
 Adabas Vista at runtime always executes using the active generation.          
   The following options are available:                                        
 1 ADD       - PF10  Add a new generation                                      
 2 DISPLAY   - 'D' = Display information about a generation                    
 3 MODIFY    - 'M' = Modify  information about a generation                    
 4 PURGE     - 'P' = Purge a generation and all its rules                
 5 COPY      - 'C' = Copy  a generation and all its rules                
 6 ACTIVATE  - 'A' = Activate a generation                                     
 7 EXPAND    - 'E' = Work with the change deltas for a generation              
 8 display gentab  = Display generation record                                 
 9 BROWSE    - 'B' = Browse the base rules for a generation (readonly)   
  Enter options 1 to 9 for Help about the individual functions, or,            
  . '.' to End Help, '-' for Previous Pages                                    

In the above example, you can navigate by entering

- to move backwards and up a menu level
1 - 9 to move down a level to the function selected

If the help screen comprises multiple pages, you can enter

+ to move to the next page
- to move to a previous page until page 1, then back up a level