System Settings

This service is used to maintain the Adabas Vista configuration file.

System Settings Menu

Start of instruction setTo display the System Settings menu

Configuration File (LFILE 152) Maintenance

Start of instruction setTo customize the use of LFILE 152

  1. Select service 1 from System Settings menu or enter the command 0.1 on a command line.

    | 18:24:45            LFILE 152 Maintenance         2006-05-29 |  
    |                                                    U1LFILM2  |
    |                                                              | 
    | Current Settings for LFILE 152:                              |
    |                                                              |
    | Original LFILE = ( 152 , 135   ,  18    )                    |
    |  Current LFILE = ( 152 , 135__ ,  18___ )                    |
    |                  (effective only for this Natural session)   |
    |                                                              |
    | Default pop-up settings:                                     |
    | Do you want to see this window again ?                       |
    |                       - for the current SYSAVI session... Y  |
    |                       - for future SYSAVI sessions....... Y  |
    |                                                              |
    |               PF3 Exit      PF5 Update/Confirm               |
    |                                                              |

    The LFILE 152 Maintenance window appears.

    In the Original LFILE field, the database and file number are displayed for the Adabas Vista configuration file that was allocated to LFILE 152 at the start of your current SYSAVI session.

    These values were allocated to LFILE 152 using the static Natural parameter NTFILE ID=152,.. or the dynamic Natural parameter LFILE=(152,..). For more information about specifying LFILE 152, see the installation instructions relevant to your operating system.

    In the Current LFILE field, you can change the database and file number to access a different Adabas Vista configuration file.

  2. Specify the new Adabas Vista configuration file database and file number, if necessary.

    The LFILE 152 Maintenance window is displayed whenever an online services function is selected that accesses the Adabas Vista configuration file, making it possible for the user to access multiple configuration files from within a single Natural session.

  3. Review the default settings.

    You may choose to deactivate the LFILE 152 Maintenance window and thus the possibility of changing the Adabas Vista configuration file for just the current session or for all future sessions.

    Regardless of the options you choose, you can always modify those choices by invoking the LFILE 152 Maintenance function from System Settings.

SAF Security Settings

Start of instruction setTo activate security protection for online administration:

  • Select service 2 from the System Settings menu or enter the command 0.2 on a command line. The SAF Security settings window will appear:

    13:00:29          SAF Security Settings           2011-02-28 
    Protect SYSAVI with SAF Security: N (Y/N)                    
    System Coordinator Daemon Group : ________                   
    Action if no daemon available (mark one):                    
              Disallow all functions: _                          
           Allow read functions only: _                          
                 Allow all functions: _                          
                  PF3 Exit      PF5 Update/Confirm               

    For an explanation of these settings refer to Activating security protection of online administration for Vista in the Adabas SAF Security documentation.