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These release notes contain detailed installation and update instructions for the following product levels:

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Adabas Audit Data Retrieval

V7R2-00 (PIR0436)


BSA (Beta Systems Architecture)

1771-02 (PBS4297)
plus additional PTFs


Beta 23 (_beta browse)

V7R2-00 (NEW)



Adabas Audit Data Retrieval V7R2 requires:

  • z/OS V2.3 or later with DFSORT (64 bit) or Syncsort (64 bit)
  • BSA V7R1
  • Beta 23 (_beta browse) V7R2

Separate CSI recommended

We recommend that you install Adabas Audit Data Retrieval together with BSA and Beta 23 in a separate CSI.

Standard installation medium

The software is made available as a ZIP archive, which includes all the folders and files that are necessary to install the software.

Installation instructions

"General installation instructions" provides a general description of the installation process, including the transfer and unpacking of the installation datasets.

"Installation REXX" guides you through the installation REXX. The installation process will go smoother if you have the information that will be requested ready-at-hand (see "Pre-installation checklists").

The installation is SMP/E based. If you're not familiar with SMP/E, you may find some useful information in "SMP/E terms and concepts".

The installation REXX tailors appropriate installation jobs according to your specifications. The tables in the following sections show which installation jobs you have to run:

For detailed information on these jobs, you can refer to the Installation and System Guide of BSA and Adabas Audit Data Retrieval.

Product identifier

Adabas Audit Data Retrieval has a numeric two-digit identifier, which is used in the names of libraries, panels, programs, etc.

The product identifier of Adabas Audit Data Retrieval is 97.

Product license

Adabas Audit Data Retrieval requires a valid B97.G7 license.

Product documentation

Following is the list of manuals available for BSA and Adabas Audit Data Retrieval at the time of release of this document.


Document number

Adabas Audit Data Retrieval

Adabas Audit Data Retrieval Administrator Guide
Adabas Audit Data Retrieval Installation and System Guide
Adabas Audit Data Retrieval Messages and Codes


BSA Service Manager Manual
BSA Installation and System Guide
BSA Messages and Codes