Version 9.8
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ApplinX User Exits

Exercise objectives

The object of this exercise is to get to know how to use ApplinX User Exits. ApplinX framework includes various user exits, enabling the developer to intervene with framework events and methods both on the server-side (JAVA/CS/VB) and on the client side (JavaScript).

graphics/Books.png Recommended reading in ApplinX documentation:


In a screen that has a table, merge several related columns into a single column and display this in the web page table.

Related columns may be, for example, address related columns, such as country, city and zipcode or street and house number.

graphics/Solution.png Solution steps

Use the gx_changeTd method to change the default appearance of cells within tables. Refer to BrowseCutomers1 Page in the CompositeDemo web application, and pay close attention to the use of the gx_changeTd method.

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