Version 9.8
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Creating Connection Information Sets

Now that you have a connection pool that uses a logon path to connect to the host, you need to pass the required variables to the login path that the connection pool runs.

This functionality is handled by the Connection Information Set entity. Once associated with a connection pool, you can define path variables and session parameters that will be used when a new host connection is added to the connection pool.

graphics/exercise.png Exercise

Create a Connection Information Set with sets of usernames and passwords that will be passed to the logon initialization path.

If the host doesn't support the same user logging on more than once, you’ll have to set the repeat limit of each set to 1. This way every set can only be used by one connection at a time.

graphics/Solution.pngSolution steps:

Refer to the SOA demo to either the Default_CustomerDetails_GCT entity or to the Default_CustomerList_GCT entity.

graphics/Books.png Recommended reading: Designing and Developing an Application>ApplinX Entities>Connection Information Sets.

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