EntireX Version 9.7

Installing EntireX under BS2000/OSD

This document describes how to install and operate the BS2000/OSD components of EntireX. It covers the following topics:

General Information An overview of resources delivered.
Installing the EntireX Broker under BS2000/OSD How to install and start the EntireX Broker under BS2000/OSD.
Installing the BS2000/OSD Batch RPC Server How to install and start the EntireX BS2000/OSD Batch RPC Server.
Installing EntireX Security under BS2000/OSD Provides information required for installing EntireX Security under BS2000/OSD.

Prerequisites for all EntireX components are listed centrally. See BS2000/OSD Prerequisites.

If you want to use EntireX on BS2000/OSD together with the Eclipse-based EntireX Workbench components, you need to install the respective EntireX components under UNIX or Windows, using the Software AG Installer. See the separate Software AG Installer documentation under http://documentation.softwareag.com > webMethods Product Line > webMethods Product Suite 8.1 > System Requirements, Installation, and Upgrade.

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