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Introduction to the Integration Server Wrapper

This document covers the following topics:


The Integration Server Wrapper provides access to EntireX RPC-based components, ApplinX, IMS Connect, or CICS ECI from Integration Server services. A wizard generates Integration Server objects from a Software AG IDL file.


The Integration Server Wrapper enables users to generate both client and server objects in the Integration Server. A client consists of a connection of type "RPC", "Reliable RPC", "CICS ECI", "Direct RPC", "ApplinX" or "IMS Connect". A server consists of a connection of type "RPC Listener" or "Reliable RPC Listener".


It is possible to create the following objects:

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Four components are required for integration:

The EntireX Workbench is used at design time. All other components are used also at runtime.

For ApplinX connections we have the following prerequisites:

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