Version 9.6
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Using the EntireX Web Services Wrapper


The EntireX Web Services Wrapper is a wizard that generates Web services from Software AG IDL, XML/SOAP mapping files or Natural subprogram files. The generated result is a Web service archive (.aar) that contains the relevant artifacts of the Web service such as an XML/SOAP mapping file (.xmm), WSDL file and additional configuration files. The Web service archive can be deployed for execution by the wizard or - in an extra deployment step - in a Web Services Stack with the EntireX XML/SOAP Listener runtime.


The format of the generated descriptions is compliant with the Web Services Description Language (WSDL 1.1 -

If the WSDL generation format document/literal is used, the generated Web service is compliant with WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 (see

Before the wizard is started for the first time, you should initialize the preference pages Window > Preferences > Software AG > EntireX and Window > Preferences > Software AG > EntireX > Web Service Wrapper with values appropriate for your environment.

Note also that some of the preferences of the XML Mapping Editor are applicable to Web service generation, in particular WSDL style and namespace definitions. See Mapping Parameters Page under Using the XML Mapping Editor.

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Generate Web Services from Software AG IDL File

Start of instruction setTo generate a Web service

  1. Select the IDL file to be processed. If there is a related CVM File, it is also used (internally).

  2. From the context menu of the IDL file, choose Properties.

  3. From the context menu of the IDL file, choose Generate Web Service from Software AG IDL.

  4. You can enter a service name. The default name is the name of the selected IDL file.

  5. If you deselect Use defaults for the Configure EntireX service section, you can select the following configuration items:

  6. If you select Deploy service, an additional configuration page will be appended. See Deploying EntireX Web Services under Writing Web Services Applications for this dialog.

  7. If you select Register service to CentraSite, a configuration page will be appended. See CentraSite Integration for this dialog.

  8. Choose Next, enter your configuration parameters and select the methods for which the Web service is to be generated.

  9. Choose Finish to generate the Web service (mapping file, WSDL file and service archive).

You can select more than one IDL file. All selected methods will be merged into one Web service. As result you will get multiple mapping files, one WSDL file and one service archive. Merging does not support the use of the same program name in different libraries.

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