Version 9.6
 —  EntireX PL/I Wrapper  —

Using Natural Security

Natural Security is only relevant when communicating with Natural RPC Servers.

Start of instruction setTo communicate with a Natural RPC Server running under Natural Security

  1. Set the flag COM_CLIENT_NATSECURITY to "ERX_TRUE". If set to "ERX_FALSE" (or other values), communication with a Natural RPC Server that is secured with Natural Security is not possible.

  2. The flag must be set prior to issuing any interface object calls. It is not needed for broker communication (see Using Broker Logon and Logoff), but it is also harmful if set.

  3. The Natural Security user ID is inherited from the broker's user ID field COM_CLIENT_USERID of the RPC Communication Area if no user ID is provided in the field COM_CLIENT_RPCUSERID. The Natural Security user ID can always be provided (overwritten) in the field COM_CLIENT_RPCUSERID if different from the broker's user ID.

  4. The same mechanism (inheritance and override) as described above for the user ID is available for the COM_CLIENT_PASSWORD and COM_CLIENT_RPCPASSWORD of the RPC communication area.

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