Version 9.6
 —  EntireX PL/I Wrapper  —

Using Internationalization with the PL/I Wrapper

It is assumed that you have read the document Internationalization with EntireX and are familiar with the various internationalization approaches described there.

The PL/I Wrapper does not convert your application data (in RPC IDL type A, K, AV and KV fields) before it is sent to the broker. The application's data is shipped as given by the RPC client program.

The PL/I Wrapper programmer is responsible for providing a suitable codepage. If a codepage is provided it must also be a codepage supported by the broker, depending on the internationalization approach, and it must follow the rules described under Locale String Mapping.

The codepage is assigned to the RPC communication area in the field COM_CLIENT_CODEPAGE as described in Step 5: Optional Settings in the RPC Communication Area.


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