Version 9.6
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Broker Command and Information Services Error Codes

This document contains error codes for the Command and Information Services of EntireX Broker.

See also Broker ACI Fields | Broker ACI Functions | Broker CIS Data Structures.

Error Codes for Broker Command Service

0 Successful response.
2 Invalid VERSION.
3 OBJECT-TYPE is missing.
5 Invalid OBJECT-TYPE.
20 The user is not authorized to issue Broker commands.
21 Invalid COMMAND.
22 Invalid OPTION.
23 Shutdown possible for servers only.
24 Participant not found.
25 Purge UOW failed.
26 User specification must be unique.
27 Topic name must be specified.
28 Add subscription failed.
29 Remove subscription failed.
30 User must be specified.
31 Class/Server/Service must be unique.
32 Class and Topic cannot both be specified.
33 Class, Topic or User must be specified.
34 Set command log filter failed.
35 Clear command log filter failed.
36 Enable command log filter failed.
37 Disable command log filter failed.
38 Switch command log files failed.
39 Set security trace level failed.
40 Set PSTORE (PSF) trace level failed.
41 Enable command logging failed.
42 Disable command logging failed.
43 Connect PSTORE failed.
44 Disconnect PSTORE failed.
45 Allow new UOW messages failed.
46 Forbid new UOW messages failed.
47 Enable accounting failed.
48 Disable accounting failed.
49 Reset user failed.
50 Command refused in current RUN-MODE.
51 Service must be specified.
52 Service not found.
53 CONVID must be specified.
54 Conversation not found.
55 Cannot inhibit Conversation.
56 Only supported for messages.
57 Cannot lock Conversation.
58 Not for currently running Conversation.
59 Security violation detected.
60 Invalid transport ID.
61 Cannot execute command.
62 Command ignored. Only one Communicator left.
63 Command ignored. Cannot stop all Communicators.
64 Communicator currently not suspended.
65 Communicator currently not stopped.
66 Communicator currently not active.
67 Enable Dynamic Worker Management failed.
68 Disable Dynamic Worker Management failed.

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Error Codes for Broker Information Services

0 Successful response.
2 Invalid VERSION.
3 OBJECT-TYPE is missing.
4 Nothing was found for this request.
5 Invalid OBJECT-TYPE.
6 Invalid INFO-LEVEL.
8 User selection must be unique.
9 Service selection must be unique.
10 Topic name must be specified.

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