Version 9.6
 —  Error Messages and Codes  —

Administration Service Messages

Administration Service messages are generated by the Administration Service and are passed to System Management Hub.

Cannot connect to the Administration Service

This message can have various causes:

  • The Broker Service (etbsrv) has not been started.

  • The Administration Service was not started by the Broker Service. (File etbsrv.log is missing in the Administration Service or has an out-of-date timestamp.)

  • The Administration Service has a problem. (You can find details of the problem in the log file of the Administration Service, etbsrv.log.)

Running: unmanaged Broker with restricted access

A broker was started manually. Its attribute file is not in a working directory under the EntireX directory config/etb. Only limited administration is possible on this broker. It is only possible to stop the broker.

Timeout: Check remote Broker or remote firewall definitions

A remote broker is not accessible. The timeout problem occurs, for example, on Windows machines where the port used by the broker has not been opened up in the firewall. If the broker has not been started, the timeout problem does not occur in the case of a port that has been opened up in the firewall. The firewall issues a negative answer to a failed connection attempt.

Alternatively, program etbnuc can be defined in the firewall, but then the timeout error occurs if the broker has not been started. The firewall does not send a reply to a failed connection attempt.

ETBD0280 Function Entered

This message is written to the log data set when tracing is set to a trace level greater than 1. An EntireX Broker internal function module is entered.


This message is for diagnostic purposes only.

Running with errors: Check log file

The broker was able to be started successfully, but not all attributes defined in the attribute file could be activated. For example, not all ports defined in attribute file could be activated when the broker was started. The broker log file contains more detailed information on the problem.


Check the log file.

Running: Must set user credentials
Stopped: Must set user credentials
Running: missing credentials, please enter credentials
Running: wrong credentials, please enter credentials

User credentials for a secure broker or a remote broker are not available or they are invalid.


Enter valid user credentials in SMH.

Running: Must set SSL parameters
Stopped: Must set SSL parameters

The SSL parameters of a remote broker are invalid and must be specified. The input field in SMH contains the default value, which is the certificate from the working directory of the broker.

If the SSL certificate of the remote broker has been exchanged on the remote machine, the corresponding new SSL certificate must also be made available in the local working directory config/etb/RB.<RemoteBrokerName>.

Broker not running or invalid SSL parameters

This is a status message for a remote broker. Either the broker was not started, or its SSL parameters are invalid.


Start the broker or specify valid SSL parameters. See also "Running: Must set SSL parameters" or "Stopped: Must set SSL parameters".

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