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Microsoft Visual Studio Wizard for EntireX .NET Wrapper

The Visual Studio Wizard for .NET Wrapper is a Software AG add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 that makes the client functionality of the EntireX .NET Wrapper available to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

This document covers the following topics:

Prerequisites for all EntireX components are described centrally. See Windows Prerequisites.

Installing the Add-in

The EntireX .NET Wrapper Wizard Add-in for Visual Studio .NET is part of the EntireX installation. After you have installed EntireX, you can find the installer under etc in your EntireX installation path. To install EntireX .NET Wrapper Add-in, start NetVSAddIn90.msi and follow the instructions.

The installation path must include the bin directory (e.g. C:\SoftwareAG\EntireX\bin) of the corresponding EntireX installation, otherwise the add-in will not work properly!

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Using the Add-in

Once the wizard has been installed, start Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Under Project Types / Visual C#; Projects, you will find a new template called EntireX .NET Wrapper Application.


Select this template to start the .NET Wrapper Wizard.



First enter the name of a Software AG IDL file in the opening window. You can select whatever you want to generate client or server code. The project name will be set to IDLNameClient or IDLNameServer automatically. You can enter the name of the path of the .NET Wrapper Runtime DLL if it is not located in the default path.


On the page Broker/Service you can change the default settings for Broker and Service.


On the parameters page you can select the options Sanitize and char/string support.

For more information on Broker/Service and parameters, see the EntireX .NET Wrapper documentation.

When all data has been entered, click the button Finish. A new Visual Studio .NET solution will be generated which includes a project with the name IDLNameClient or IDLNameServer. This project contains the Software AG IDL file, the generated .cs file C# file) and references to the System.dll and the EntireX.NetWrapper.Runtime.dll.

The project will generate a class library (DLL), which can be used in any other .NET project C# or VB.NET). For this purpose an additional App.config file is generated which can be used in a project where an .exe file is generated. The App.config file contains information about Broker, Services etc.

Any changes to the Software AG IDL file will trigger the EntireX AddIn after saving. The .cs file will be re-generated and all specifications you made during the implementation will be lost.


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Uninstalling the Add-in

You can uninstall the EntireX .NET Wrapper Wizard Add-in for Visual Studio 2010 by using the Windows Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Select Software AG EntireX .NET Wrapper Wizard and choose Remove.

The EntireX .NET Wrapper Wizard Add-in for Visual Studio 2010 will be removed from your computer.

The add-in must be uninstalled before you uninstall EntireX, otherwise the uninstall of EntireX will fail.

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