Guide for Adabas, Natural, ApplinX and EntireX Systems

This documentation explains how to monitor information from Software AG's enterprise products (such as Adabas, ApplinX, EntireX and Natural) with webMethods Optimize. It is complemental to the guides listed below under Additional Information.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Release Notes Overview of the new and changed features in this version.
Introduction Overview of the required environment and of the products that can be monitored with webMethods Optimize.
Installation Describes the prerequisites and provides installation information for infrastructure monitoring.
Setting Up Infrastructure Monitoring Product-specific configuration of the environments that are used for monitoring the enterprise product lines. Set up the Natural RPC servers for the monitoring of Adabas, Natural and Entire Net-Work. Customize the default settings of the Adabas and Natural Data Collectors in the Adabas/Natural Data Collector profile. Test program for reviewing the data provided by the Adabas and Natural Data Collectors. Configure and test the Infrastructure Data Collector. How to add assets and monitor components. How to define a common action for all rules. How to trace the Adabas and Natural Data Collectors. How to trace the enterprise products and the EntireX communication in the Infrastructure Data Collector.
MashApps Information on the available MashApps for infrastructure monitoring.
Conventions and Definitions for KPIs and Built-In Rules Naming conventions for the KPIs, possible aggregation types and dimensions that are used for infrastructure monitoring. General information on automatically monitored KPIs and on the built-in rules.
KPI Definitions for Infrastructure Monitoring Describes the dimensions, KPIs and built-in rules monitored by the Infrastructure Data Collector.
Optimize API for Natural How to enable Natural applications to send business and event data to Optimize via the Web Service Data Collector.
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to frequently asked questions.

Additional Information

How to get started with webMethods Optimize is not in the scope of this documentation. It is required that you read the webMethods Optimize documentation prior to reading this documentation. Basic information (such as concepts or handling of Optimize) is not repeated in this documentation. This information can be found in the following Optimize guides:

  • Configuring BAM

  • Administering webMethods Optimize

  • webMethods Optimize User's Guide

For detailed information on the Software AG enterprise products that can be monitored with webMethods Optimize, see (Empower login required).