Tracing the Enterprise Products in the Infrastructure Data Collector

This document covers the following topics:

Activating the Trace

You activate the trace by configuring the collector settings of the Infrastructure Data Collector. For detailed information, see Defining Collector Settings in the Configuring BAM guide.

You can change the value of the Trace Level property for the following Data Collector packages:

  • Adabas Data Collector

  • Adabas SOA Gateway Data Collector

  • ApplinX Data Collector

  • Com-plete Data Collector

  • EntireX Data Collector

  • Natural Data Collector

  • Natural Ajax Data Collector

Location of the Log File

The trace data is written to a file which has the following name:


When more than one log file is available, a number is added to the file name which is incremented by 1 for each additional log file:


The log file is located in the following directory:


Reading the Output

The output of the data collector modules and the sent data is marked as shown in the following table:

Item Text in the Output
Adabas Data Collector AdabasDC
Adabas SOA Gateway Data Collector SOAGatewayDC
ApplinX Data Collector ApplinXDC
Com-plete Data Collector CompleteDC
EntireX Data Collector EntireXDC
Natural Data Collector NaturalDC
Natural Ajax Data Collector NaturalAjaxDC
Sent Data MAP


2009-09-15 00:01:11 CEST [ISU.0000.9999V1] EntireXDC: 
717*PollThreads:MyHost:1971*ExxDCPoll.OnPoll() MAP EntireXBroker: 
{EntireXPublishersPercentage=0.0, EntireXCommunicationBuffers=3, 
EntireXBroker=1971, EntireXLongBuffers=2, EntireXTopics=0, EntireXServers=1, 
EntireXLongBuffersPercentage=0.0, EntireXPlatform=Version Platform 
Windows Server, EntireXShortBuffersPercentage=0.0, EntireXUOWs=0, 
EntireXCommunicationBuffersPercentage=0.0, EntireXUOWsPercentage=0.0, 
EntireXShortBuffers=3, Product=EntireX, EntireXClients=2, EntireXCalls=39, 
HostName=MyHost, EntireXOpenConnectionsPercentage=0.29, 
EntireXSubscribersPercentage=0.0, EntireXClientsPercentage=0.0, 
EntireXBrokerState=1, EntireXSubscribers=0, EntireXServersPercentage=0.0, 
EntireXOpenConnections=6, EntireXPublishers=0, EntireXTopicsPercentage=0.0}

This means, the EntireXDC module sends this event map from the EntireX Broker MyHost running on port 1971 to the Analytic Engine.