Optimize enables you to discover, add, monitor, and delete Software AG's enterprise product components of your IT infrastructure environment. This capability is installed as an integral part of the Optimize for Infrastructure Data Collector and does not require any additional configuration. Optimize also enables you to configure and monitor these components to maximize efficiency of your system.

Before you can monitor the resources in your environment, you have to discover them. For discovering Software AG's enterprise product components, the following asset types are available:

  • Adabas

  • Adabas SOA Gateway

  • ApplinX

  • Com-plete

  • EntireX

  • Natural

  • Natural Ajax

After the discovery, you can then configure the component instances and KPIs associated with each monitored component type. For a brief description of each KPI, see KPI Definitions for Infrastructure Monitoring.

For detailed information on how to add assets, how to edit connection parameters, and how to monitor components, see the Administering webMethods Optimize guide.


  1. The Add Network function for adding Software AG's enterprise product components to your environment is not yet supported.
  2. If a user ID and password is required for the asset definition, it is recommended to use a system account with a password that does not expire. This avoids security violations that are due to frequent password change requests.