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Generate Images
1. Restart the installer.
2. On the Welcome panel, click Advanced Options, and then click the Scripts tab.
3. Click Install from script.
4. In the Script file field, type the full path to the image generation script file you just created.
If you run a script on a machine with the Windows firewall enabled, you might get warnings during script execution, which would cause your script to hang or fail. You can avoid this problem by using the jar file instead of the exe file. For instructions, see Start the Installer on a Windows System.
5. Click the Images tab and then click Create image.
6. In the Image file field, type the name of the file in which to save the new image. You can specify any name that is permitted by your operating system. Do not specify an extension; the installer will automatically add .zip.
By default, the installer will write the new image file to the directory it indicates when you click OK. If you want to write the file to a different directory, include the full path to the file in the Image file field. The directory to which you save the file must already exist.
7. In the Image platform list, click the system for which to generate the image.
8. Click OK and go to Use a Proxy Server to Install. You will see all panels described in that section and the following sections except the installation directory panel and the product configuration panels; you will see those panels when you install from the image.
When you select products to download into an image, the installer lists additional products that are required by the selected products. If these required products do not already exist in the target installation directories, you must include them in the image. If you do not, you will not be able to install the selected products, and in some cases installation will fail. This includes the Java package; if the Java package does not exist in the target installation directories, you must include it in the image. The installer includes the license agreement in every image.
9. Repeat the previous steps to create an image for each operating system you want.
Do not extract or modify image files using any tool other than the installer.
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