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Start the Installer on a Windows System
1. Log on to the machine as the installation user you created earlier.
2. Open your installation email from Software AG. Follow the instructions to download the Software AG Installer for Windows. Copy the product license files attached to the email to the machine on which you are going to install.
On a Hebrew Windows system, move the exe file to a directory whose path does not include Hebrew characters. If you cannot do this, you must instead use the instructions in Start the Installer on a Mac OS X or Other UNIX System to install.
3. Shut down all non-Software AG applications that are running on the machine on which you are going to install. If these applications are not shut down, product files might become corrupted.
4. If you are going to install new products into an existing Software AG installation directory (that contains products from the same release), shut down running products in that directory so the installer can update key files that are locked by the operating system. For instructions, see the product documentation.
5. Check the classpath environment variable on the machine on which you are going to run the installer. If it points to a JRE that is earlier than version 8, either remove the path or edit the variable to point to a JRE that is version 8 or later.
6. Open Windows Explorer, go to the directory that contains the installer, and double-click the SoftwareAGInstalleryyyymm.exe file.
As you move through the wizard, the installer stores some of the files it requires in the default system temp directory. If you cancel the installer and later restart it on the same machine, the installer will use the stored files rather than downloading them from the installer server again, to improve performance. After a successful installation, the installer deletes the stored files.
If your temporary directory contains thousands of files, the startup process might take one minute or longer. The installer will display Initializing system resources during this time. If you want to speed up this process, delete the files in your temporary folder.
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