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Install from a Script Using the GUI
If you run a script on a machine with the Windows firewall enabled, you might get warnings during script execution, which would cause your script to hang or fail. You can avoid this problem by using the jar file instead of the exe file. For instructions, see Start the Installer on a Windows System.
1. Click Install from script.
2. In the Script file field, type the full path to the script file from which to install.
If you created the script from Empower, the product releases referred to in the script must be available on Empower or the script will fail. If you created the script from an image, the image must be in the location it was in when you created the script or the script will fail.
3. After a script runs successfully, by default, the installer exits immediately. If you want the installer to instead display the Finish panel until you choose to exit, select Display Finish panel.
4. If errors occur while a script is running, installation fails. By default, the installer shows the errors and does not exit. You can choose instead to Exit immediately or to Display error then exit after number_of_seconds seconds.
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