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Run the Integration Server Migration Utility
Perform a Custom Migration
Migrate Using Imported Settings
Other Actions Performed by the Migration Utility
The Integration Server migration utility can migrate the following:
*Custom (user-created) packages.
*Password store, and passwords.
*Integration Server configuration files.
*Configuration for hosted products, such as Trading Networks.
*JAAS configuration files.
*JDBC connection pool configurations, database drivers, and functional aliases.
*If the old Integration Server hosted Wm packages and those Wm packages also exist on the new Integration Server, the configuration files for those packages.
*Java Service Wrapper customizations you made in the old custom_wrapper.conf files, including #include directives and comments (but not associated properties).
*Starting in 9.5, custom (user-created) jar files.
9.6 and higher upgrade: If the old Integration Server installation has multiple server instances, you run the migration utility once for each instance you want to migrate. You can have the utility migrate old instances to new instances you created after installation or to new instances that the utility creates for you.
For a general description of migration utility behavior, see Migration Utilities.
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