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Migration Utilities
Most products offer migration utilities that automatically migrate configurations and data from your old installation to your new installation. This section describes the general behavior of the migration utilities; any exceptions to the general behavior are noted in the product-specific chapters.
Some migration utilities for some products run without prompting you for any information. Migration utilities for other products ask for the configurations and data to migrate, and offer these options:
*You can run a custom migration, in which you select the configurations and data to migrate. The utility gathers your settings through a series of prompts, then migrates the selected configurations and data. You can export your settings to a file named migrate.dat and use them in other upgrades.
*You can run a migration with imported settings. The imported settings can come from settings you exported from a custom migration, or from the default migration provided by Software AG with the product installation in a file named migrateold_releasesbs.dat. The settings for default migrations are described in the product-specific chapters.
When you run migration utilities, you provide the full path to the old installation, and sometimes the path to the new installation. If you supplied a symbolic link as the installation directory when you installed the old or new product, the path you provide to the migration utility must be the same symbolic link path you supplied during installation.
If a migration utility fails to migrate an item, the utility asks whether to continue with the next item or abort the migration. If you choose to abort, the utility exits. The utility does not revert the new product installation. You can address the issue and rerun the utility.
Migration utilities write detailed migration information to the command window and to the migrationLog.txt file in the new_Software AG_directory/install/logs directory. By default, utilities write INFO, ERROR, and FATAL messages to the log. If you want to increase the logging level for a product’s migration to DEBUG, go to the product directory that contains the file (for example, the new_Software AG_directory/product/bin/migrate or /migrate/bin directory), open the file in a text editor, set the log4j.logger.Migration property to DEBUG, MigrationFile, and save and close the file.
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