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Run the Application Platform Migration Utility
The Application Platform migration utility migrates Application Platform configuration files that reside in Integration Server installations and Application Platform projects bundles that reside in My webMethods Server installations.
The Application Platform migration utility runs without prompting you for any information. If an error occurs, the utility exits.
For a general description of migration utility behavior, see Migration Utilities.
On each machine that hosts a new Integration Server instance that hosts the Application Platform Support package or a new My webMethods Server that hosts Application Platform projects bundles, open a command window or shell, go to the new_Software AG_directory/common/migrate/AppPlatform/bin directory, and run the command below. For the migrateold_releasesbs.dat file, specify old_release without periods (for example, 980, or 9100).
{-srcDir|-srcFile} full_path_to_{old_Software AG_directory|ZIP_file}
-importFile migrateold_releasesbs.dat
-silent true
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