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Run the Software AG Infrastructure Migration Utility
The Software AG Infrastructure utility migrates the following:
*Software AG Runtime debug, JAAS, JMX, port, security, single-sign on, watchdog, and Web Services Stack configurations.
*Journal log settings, user repository, and password store.
*Java Service Wrapper customizations you made in the old custom_wrapper.conf files, including #include directives and comments (but not associated properties).
*Users, groups, and roles.
*Proxy configuration files for proxy types HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SOCKS. The utility migrates files for proxies that are not already configured in the new installation.
*Starting in 10.0, Software AG Security Infrastructure no longer supports SSX or SSX LoginModules. The migration utility migrates LoginContexts that do not contain SSX LoginModules. However, if an old LoginContext contains SSX LoginModules, the migration utility does the following:
Use Case
Utility Behavior
LoginContext exists in old and new release
Adds comment to new LoginContext that no migration was performed.
LoginContext exists in old release but not in new release
Adds empty LoginContext to new release with comment that no migration was performed. This is to prevent software that used the old LoginContext from failing because of missing context.
Starting in 10.1, the migration utility does not support migration of JKS files that are not in the Software AG installation directory.
The Software AG Infrastructure migration utility runs without prompting you for any information. If an error occurs, the utility exits.
For a general description of migration utility behavior, see Migration Utilities.
1. On the machine that hosts the new products, open a command window or shell, go to the new_Software AG_directory/common/migrate/osgi/bin directory, and run the command below. For the migrateold_releasesbs.dat file, specify old_release without periods (for example, 980, or 9100).
{-srcDir|-srcFile} full_path_to_{old_Software AG_directory|ZIP_file}
-importFile migrateold_releasesbs.dat
-silent true
2. If you see a Software AG_directory/profiles/CTP directory in both the old and new installation directories, go to the new_Software AG_directory/profiles/CTP/bin/migrate directory and run the same command again.
3. Install the latest product fix on the new Common Platform and the new Security Infrastructure. Fix names for these products typically include the letters OSGI and SIN, respectively. For instructions on installing fixes, see Using the Software AG Update Manager and the fix readme files.
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