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Using the Embedded Database
Integration Server and Microservices Container use Derby, a file-based database, as their embedded database. If one database file gets corrupted, the entire database might become unusable. Software AG therefore recommends backing up the Software AG_directory \IntegrationServer\db directory periodically so you will be able to return to the last known good state if necessary.
When you choose to use the embedded database, Integration Server and Microservices Container write IS Internal and Cross Reference data to that database, and write IS Core Audit Log data to files.
If you later want to write these types of data to an external RDBMS instead, you will need to create the necessary database components in the RDBMS (see Product Database Component Descriptions and Installation Requirements) and configure Integration Server or Microservices Container to write to them (see Connect Products to Database Components). You must also complete the steps for switching from the embedded database to an external RDBMS as described in the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.
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