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Integration Server or Microservices Container Data Storage
Embedded Database versus External RDBMS
Archiving Data
Integration Server or Microservices Container can persist the types of data below.
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Database Component
Types of Data
Data written when...
Service results, scheduled tasks, client certificate mappings, run-time data for services, guaranteed delivery transactions, trigger joins, active OpenID requests, WS-ReliableMessaging runtime data, and configuration and runtime data for OAuth.
You are using the features listed in the Types of Data column
*Error, guaranteed delivery, service, security, and session audit data.
The audit logger for the type of data is enabled
*Documents that are in doubt, have failed, or have exhausted trigger retries.
You are using triggers
Cross-referencing data for publish-and-subscribe solutions.
You are using publish-and-subscribe solutions
Document history data for exactly-once processing in publish-and-subscribe solutions. Integration Server uses the data to detect and reject duplicate documents.
You are using exactly-once processing
Information that coordinates access to resources across distributed servers and processes.
Executing services in the folder.
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