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Migrating Using Disconnected Migration
To perform a disconnected migration, you must create an archive of the source nodes you want to migrate and point Command Central to the location of the archive, so that Command Central can use the source archive to migrate the environment instead of connecting directly to the source nodes.
1. Clone the database you use for the environment to the target host, following the instructions provided by your database vendor.
2. Create a custom composite template of the environment as described in Creating a Custom Composite Template.
3. In the templates/products/product_instance sections, set the database parameters of the product instances to point to the cloned database. For example:
db.url: ${db.cloned.url}
db.username: ${db.cloned.username}
db.password: ${db.cloned.password}
The database parameters of the product instance in this example template snippet refer to the values of db.cloned.url, db.cloned.username, and db.cloned.password, which you can specify either in the environment/default section of the template definition or in a separate environment properties file. In the following example, the values of the cloned database parameters are set in an environment properties file:
4. In the nodes section, define a target host different from the source host for the same node alias. For example:
host: ${}
5. If you want to use a source archive that already exists on the Command Central source host or on the target host, set the migration section as follows:
sourceType: ARCHIVES
targetPath: path/to/
Command Central searches for the source archive:
a. On the Command Central host, in <CommandCentral_directory>/profiles/CCE/data/migration/source/<nodeAlias>.zip
b. If Command Central does not find the archive on its own host, it searches on the target host, in <user.home>/migration_source_<nodeAlias>.zip
c. At the location that you specify in the targetPath parameter in the archives section.
6. Import the composite template in Command Central and apply the template.
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