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Creating a Custom Composite Template
You can design and create a custom template definition file using a text editor with basic YAML validation. You can also use the sample composite templates as a source template or example for creating custom composite templates. The sample composite templates are located here: Use the "Reference Template Definition" and the sample composite templates to understand the composite template YAML definition.
To create a custom composite template
1. Select one of the default composite templates that matches or is close to your requirements.
2. Copy the template directory to a new directory. Name the new directory with a custom template alias.
3. In the new template directory, open the template.yaml file and rename the default template alias to the custom template alias.
4. Edit the template.yaml file of the custom composite template as required in a text editor with a syntax color highlighting and a basic validation for YAML.
5. Add environment properties configuration files for each target environment that you want to create.
6. Add the template directory under a version control system.
In the Software AG TechCommunity, you can find the Basic Composite Template Development Guide, which shows you how to develop a basic composite template and takes you through all the required steps.
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