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sagcc delete landscape nodes
Removes an installation from being centrally managed via Command Central.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc delete landscape nodes  [{alias | nodeAlias=alias1    
[nodeAlias=alias2 ... nodeAlias=aliasn}]  [options]        
[{--debug | -d}]        
[{--error | -r} file]        
[{--log | -l} file]        
[{--password | -p} password]        
[{--quiet | -q}]        
[{--server | -s} url]        
[{--username | -u} user_name]
*Not applicable to Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option

[{alias |

[nodeAlias=alias2 ...  nodeAlias=aliasn]
Optional. Specifies the alias name(s) of the installation(s) you want to remove.
If you execute the sagcc delete landscape nodes command without supplying alias names, the command removes all installations it is currently managing.
To remove a single installation, supply its alias name using the following format:
sagcc delete landcape nodes alias
To remove multiple installations, supply each name using the nodeAlias=alias format to identify each node to remove.
Optional. Refer to the command syntax for a list of the options the command supports. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
*The sagcc delete landscape nodes command does not physically delete the installation(s). It just removes the installation(s) from Command Central management.
*To remove an installation from a specific environment, use the sagcc remove landscape environments nodes command.
Examples When Executing on Command Central
In the following commands the {--server | -s}, {--username | -u}, and {--password | -p} options are not specified. As a result, the command uses the default server, user name, and password. For more information, see server, username, and password.
*To remove the installation with alias “mws01”:
sagcc delete landscape nodes mws01
*To remove the installations with alias names “mws01” and “sag01”:
sagcc delete landscape nodes nodeAlias=mws01 nodeAlias=sag01
*To remove all installations:
sagcc delete landscape nodes
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