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Identifies the Command Central or Platform Manager server on which to execute a command.
{--server | -s} url
Identifies the URL of a Command Central or Platform Manager server on which to execute the command.
*When specifying the URL of a Command Central server, if you omit:
*Protocol, the command uses “https://”.
*Port number, the command uses “8090”, which is the default port for a Command Central server.
*Context, the command uses “cce”.
*You must always provide the full URL, including the protocol, when identifying a Platform Manager server.
Usage Notes
*If you omit the {--server | -s} option, the command uses the value from the CC_SERVER environment variable. If the CC_SERVER environment variable is not set, the command executes on localhost:8090.
*If you want to execute a command on a Platform Manager server, either specify the {--server | -s} option on the command or ensure the CC_SERVER environment variable specifies a Platform Manager server.
*To execute a command on the Command Central server with host name rubicon and port number 8090 using the http protocol:
--server rubicon                      
--server rubicon:8090                      
--server http://rubicon:8090                      
--server http://rubicon:8090/cce
*To execute a command on the Platform Manager server with host name rubicon2 and port number 8092 using the http protocol:
--server http://rubicon2:8092/spm
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