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sagcc add landscape environments nodes
Adds one or more existing installations (also known as nodes) to a specified environment.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc add landscape environments  env_alias     
nodes nodeAlias=alias1 [nodeAlias=alias2 ... nodeAlias=aliasn]    
[{--debug | -d}]        
[{--error | -r} file]        
[{--log | -l} file]        
[{--password | -p} password]        
[{--quiet | -q}]        
[{--server | -s} url]]        
[{--username | -u} user_name]
*Not applicable to Platform Manager
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. Specifies the alias name of the environment to which you want to add one or more installations.
Required. Specifies a required keyword indicating you are adding installations (also known at nodes) to an environment.



 ... nodeAlias=aliasn]
Required. Specifies the alias name(s) of one or more installation(s) that you want to add to the environment.
Optional. Refer to the command syntax for a list of the options the command supports. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
*Use the sagcc create landscape environments command to create an environment.
*Use the sagcc create landscape nodes command to create installations that Command Central manages and that you can then add to an environment.
*If you specify installation alias names both on the command line and in an input data file using the {--input | -i} option, the command ignores the alias names on the command line and uses only those specified in the input data file.
*You can add the same installation to multiple environments.
Examples When Executing on Command Central
In the following commands the {--server | -s}, {--username | -u}, and {--password | -p} options are not specified. As a result, the command uses the default server, user name, and password. For more information, see server, username, and password.
*To add the installation with alias name “sag01” to the environment with alias name “dev1”:
sagcc add landscape environments dev1 nodes nodeAlias=sag01
*To add the installations with alias names “is02” and “mws02” to the environment with alias name “env2”:
sagcc add landscape environments env2 nodes nodeAlias=is02 nodeAlias=mws02
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