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sagcc update inventory components
Updates the display name and/or icon associated with a specified run-time component.
*Command Central syntax:
sagcc update inventory components  node_alias componentid                
{--input | -i} filename{.xml|.json|.properties}  [options]                  
[{--debug | -d}]                  
[{--error | -r} file]                  
[{--log | -l} file]                  
[{--password | -p} password]                  
[{--quiet | -q}]                  
[{--server | -s} url]                  
[{--username | -u} user_name]
*Not supported on Platform Manager.
Arguments and Options
Argument or Option
Required. Specifies the alias name of the installation for which you want to retrieve component information.
You can view a list of installations and their aliases using sagcc list landscape nodes.
Required. Specifies the ID of the run-time component that you want to update.
You can determine the IDs for run-time components using sagcc list inventory components.

{--input | -i}

filename{.xml| .json|.properties}
Required. Identifies an input file that contains the updated data for the run-time component. For more information, see input.
Optional. Refer to the command syntax for a list of the options the command supports. For a description of the options, see Common Options.
Usage Notes
*The information that you can update for a run-time component is the display name and icon.
*To update the icon for a run-time component, you supply the icon ID of the new icon. To determine the icon IDs of installed icons, use the sagcc list resources icons command.
Example When Executing on Command Central
To update the run-time component with ID OSGI-SPM that is installed in the installation with alias name “sag01” using the data in the c:\inputs\component_data.xml file:
sagcc update inventory components sag01 OSGI-SPM                 
--input c:\inputs\component_data.xml
Because the {--server | -s}, {--username | -u}, and {--password | -p} options are not specified, the command uses the default server, user name, and password. For more information, see server, username, and password.
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