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Executing Platform Manager Commands
There are no separate executable files for Platform Manager commands. You use the executable files for the Command Central commands, and then point to the appropriate Platform Manager server using the {--server | -s} option.
To execute a Platform Manager command:
1. From the command prompt, change directory to the following location where the executable files for the Command Central commands reside:
Software AG_directory \CommandCentral\client\bin
2. Enter the command you want to execute, using the {--server | -s} option to identify the Platform Manager server. For more information, see server.
For example, if you want to list the products that the Platform Manager server with host name rubicon2 and port number 8092 manages, enter:
sagcc list inventory products --server http://rubicon2:8092/spm
If you have set the CC_SERVER environment variable to the appropriate Platform Manager server, you can omit the {--server | -s} option.
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